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Tonight we’re lucky to have with us, probably the most language oriented of all graffiti artists in New York…

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just when i thought you and i were done…

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As Cox explains, “The critique was — and now, I think it was right — that the premise of the show (TRANSform Me) presupposes that all trans women are hyper-feminine and that trans people exist for the entertainment of cis people.” Like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy before it, TRANSform Me is certainly part of a “magical queer makeover” genre. In addition to RuPaul’s Drag Race, Logo currently is running episodes of RuPaul’s Drag U, which features drag queens giving women “drag makeovers” to help them get in touch with their self-confidence. In all three reality television shows, LGBT people exist for the sole purpose of helping straight people work out their self-esteem issues. It’s like the “magical negro” trope but with glitter.”


Janet Mock for HEROES . Writer . NYC, 2013

“I am a trans woman. My sisters are trans women. We are not secrets. We are not shameful. We are worthy of respect, desire, and love. As there are many kinds of women, there are many kinds of men, and many men desire many kinds of women, trans women are amongst these women. And let’s be clear: Trans women are women.” - Janet Mock / How Society Shames Men Dating Trans Women & How This Affects Our Lives 

In April or May of 2013, I invited (as Janet Mock says) people into my life to experience this wonderful journey in becoming who I truly am.  It felt so beautiful but I was fearful of offering the invitation because I didn’t know if my family and friends would still love me.  I was afraid of losing my job and my career as an artist. I was afraid of not being able to fund my transition.  I was filled with so much anxiety and that is because we are often targets of violence and abuse on a daily basis.  The day my anxiety, depression, and fear decreased was the day I discovered an introduction video by Janet Mock on her website. She said, “I know that you can live the life of your dreams as well. I promise that it gets better. I know because I am you. I love you and I can’t wait to see you on the other side.”  I honestly sat in front of my computer and cried.  I needed to hear that I would still be loved.  I needed to hear that it was okay to embark on this journey of self-discovery. I needed support.

Through Janet’s agency, she has inspired me to continue to live my truth and the importance of telling one’s story. Not only for me, but also for others within the trans* community. In the past 11 months, I have never felt so complete in my entire life.  The struggles are THERE, believe me, but I feel so much stronger and beautiful than ever before.  Janet.. thank you for your words, your encouragement, your hard work, your time, your voice, and your soul.  You are truly an inspiration. 

If you haven’t, please purchase Janet’s “Redefining Realness" here.

just me. at the national portrait gallery, dc. february 2014.


denitia and sene.

call u.

'the short.'

directed by aaronisnotcool

produced by bklyn 1834

'his and hers.' vinyl

is now available.


Janet Mock returns to Piers Morgan Live. (x)

My people are everything. Thank you for supporting me tonight. I exist among giants. I love you all. 

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shayla cox lookbook

designer @shaylacox

photographer kwesi abbensetts @kwesiabbensetts

model mengly hernandez numero3

stylist pamela shepard @pspamelashepard

love love love kwesi’s work! the art direction here is also sick af

hello, love. kameelahwrites:

PUNCTUATED BLACKNESS Shirt Spotting on Tiona M of Harriet’s Gun Media

Photo Credit © NerdScarf // // Photo Deets: Friday, January 3, 2014 @ Black Weirdo The Party: Brooklyn (@ FreeCandy) w/THEESatisfaction, DJ Mursi Layne, DJ Sebastian Joshua Flowers

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So excited whenever I see PUNCTUATED BLACKNESS floating around. It was the first woodblock print I ever created back in early 2013. 


If you are sporting a PUNCTUATED BLACKNESS shirt, shoot me an email with the picture and the photo credit. I would love to see it! //


PUNCTUATED BLACKNESS was designed to interrogate the labels we assign to ourselves and the ones that are assigned to us. The punctuation marks serve as different symbols of inquiry and decisiveness around identity. Punctuation is supposed to disambiguate the meaning of sentences — provide some form of narrative stability but because these markers take on different meanings in a variety of contexts, meaning is often liminal and thus unstable. Identity is unstable and always a source of inquiry. 


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on friday @jnambowa and i conquered an icelandic glacier! (this was before i slipped into a glacial river and had to be “rescued” haha!) #latergram #europe #travel

today on cape cod. a little town called sandwich.

me. many moons ago!


an excerpt from staceyann chin’s “crossfire,” published in the chapbook stories surrounding my coming (2001)